Analiza a starii Alexandrei Radu, in data de 26 septembrie, ora 15:40.


So, what did you do last night?:

text messaged some people.

What did you have for breakfast?: nothing. try „brunch”.
Name 3 things you love:: music, art, free time.
Name 3 things you hate:: chemestry, dictionaries, plants
Who was the last person to make you laugh?: really? alex.
Who was the last person to make you cry?: long time ago, doesn’t matter anymore.
When were you last sick?: i’m never sick:>
When were you last afraid?: last week or so.
When did you last shower?: …TODAAAY.
What is that sound?: tac-tac? it’s in your head, dude.
Is it easy to fall in love?: quite.
Do you love anyone right now?: yep.
Does anyone love you?: i would bet on that.
Has anyone in your top friends ever bought you a present?: what do you think?
Has anyone in your top friends ever made you cry?: … who wrote this question? yep.
Have you kissed any of your top friends?: several times.
What would make you happy right now?: i wrote something incredibly cute, but i realised i wouldn’t want you all to read that. so, number 2 on my list: a warm pullover.
Is it possible?: yes, it’s right behind me.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: nope?
Have you ever blacked out?: yes.
Have you ever seen a ghost?: no.
Have you ever been beaten up?: it wouldn’t be hard to do that, but no. i’m peaceful.
All I want for Christmas is:: it’s like in that song, right? all i waaant for christmas is…!
After this survey I’m going to:: call someone who’s not answering that tiny little thing called PHONE.
Look at number 4 on your friends list, has he/she ever made you cry?: why would she do that?
Has he/she ever thrown something at you?: i made her angry.
When did you last see him/her?: today, for about 30 seconds.
Has he/she ever made you laugh?: constantly.
Do you want someone you cant have?: … i’m confused. [prietenii stiu de ce :> ]
What is your favorite Halloween costume?: oh come on, we’ve grown up.
Favorite birthday present?: surprise me
Favorite color?: black.
Favorite drug?: drug? i like candies.
Favorite invention?: phone?
Favorite movie/ sport/ animal?: squirrels.
Are you currently reading a book?: yes. an incredibly boring one.
In a relationship?: i knew you’ll ask this. yes, in a relationship.
Is your room clean?: ask mum. she’ll always answer „no”.
Are you a happy person?: happy happy haaaappy.
What was the last thing you bought?: bus tickets.
What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? At home?: mamma mia.
What was the last thing that made you smile?: bogdan’s message.
What was the last thing you dreamed about?: me not finding my jeans. sounds very girly :))
What was your worst injury?: no broken bones.
What color are your socks?: white. always white.
What is your middle name?: daniela
What is your biggest turn-off?: bad jokes
What is your biggest turn-on?: … why would i answer this question?
Would you kiss the last person that you kissed again?: hell, i would.
Name 3 things that are physically near you:: phone, camera, bonsai.
Name something about you that others might think is weird:: i like german people. they’re hot.
Hugs or kisses?: both.
Day or night?: both.
Apples or bananas?: apple.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: once up on a time… no, i’m joking, no.
Name someone whos name starts with the letter T:: Toader :))
How many people have seen you naked?: imagine how many people did that when you were a kid.
Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?: nope.
Name something that you are dreading:: changes. big things i can’t control. disappointment.
Hey, this survey is over!: indeed. i’m as bored as before.

~ de Alexa pe septembrie 26, 2008.

2 răspunsuri to “Analiza a starii Alexandrei Radu, in data de 26 septembrie, ora 15:40.”

  1. Favorite invention?: phone?

    And by any chance do you know how to use it because i can’t seem to get a hold of you when i need you:-?

  2. Strangely enough I remembered your blog and checked it out today 🙂 .Norocu’ meu cu survey-ul acesta pe care o sa-l fac si eu if you don’t mind :).Take care…ratusca :P.

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